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Adobe Reader Installer
« on: Dec 12th, 2005, 11:19am »
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As of 12 Dec 2005 I find the subject of obtaining a legal installer for Adobe Reader at the URL:
This URL covers "Distributing Adobe Reader". It's not as simple as stated in the VV manuals, but then Adobe had to get the legal aspects out of the waY since they are growing. You will need to take care of the usual "Terms and Conditions" and complete a form reqesting authority to distibute Adobe Reader.  
In other words, Adobe now says they will allow individuals to download the Reader, but will not allow you to distribute it without the legal junk. Quoting what Adobe says:
"Hosting the software independently is not permitted."
They now offer a logo for "Get Adobe Reader" which you can copy and you then must point directly to the Adobe web site for a personal/indiviual download of the Reader.



Re: Adobe Reader Installer
« Reply #1 on: Dec 15th, 2005, 10:15am »
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Yes **hosting** is not permitted, they do not want somebody else to place the file on his website for download. This is because this may bring traffic to a web site (this is a value, to say one you can show advertising within the download page, and so monetize this traffic) and they do not want to give out value for free.  
The CD distribution is another issue.
And, you can still distribute the old versions of the Adobe Reader - and by the way, it is better to distribute an old edition (preferably version 5) as the very new editions work on XP only.
You find this file on hundreds of CDs (old magazines etc.).
And yes, if instead you want to distribute the latest version, you must fill the form on the Adobe website. They usually give you the authorization with no problems (unless you are a known hacker or criminal ), it is their interest to have their product spreaded out...
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