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Image Enlargements
« on: Jan 6th, 2006, 6:31am »
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Good Morning - I am evaluating the Hyper Publish and CD Front End for creating an online and CD catalog.  The question that I have is if this software has the capability to show enloargements of an item.  I attempted to show an enlargement (while using the CD Front End software) via a mouse over.  I Went to the image properities and selected the "lo res" image and then selected a different (larger-unique file) image; when I went to the read only option and moused over the image the image appeared but at the same size as oppose to an enlarge version.  
Can anyone help Is there a different way to do this...linking to a new page with the enlarge image will become very complicated since my catalog has over 1400 items in it.  
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Re: Image Enlargements
« Reply #1 on: Jan 28th, 2006, 1:12pm »
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The internal visual mouse-over feature wants that the mouse over image to be identical (identical size) to the normal image.
To show a larger image you can link to a popup dialog.
If you have lots of images, you don't need to do this manually - yes, as you can guess there is an automatic feature (our products are optimized for the everyday work!)
HyperPublish PRO and CDFrontEnd GOLD includes an automatic "photo-album" feature. You select a group of images on disk (e.g. 100 images in a folder), it automatically creates thumbnails (small icons) for the images, and links each of these thumbnails to a popup window (or a separate page... there are several options) with the larger image.
Additionally, both of the above products do also include the automatic CSV import feature. During the import they can create thumbnails for categories / subcategories and link them to the related product page. This is a very powerful feature
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