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Sep 17th, 2019, 4:34pm

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Topic Summary
Posted by: how to Posted on: Jul 10th, 2017, 8:17am
In building my art history project. I would like to investigate the audio possibilities of CDFE Gold.  When I used it some time ago, I noticed that every time I had an audio track running on a page, and I clicked to change the page, the audio track cut out.
I understand why this happens, but I am wondering if there is still any way to keep an audio running even when one changes pages?    I am thinking for instance of your slide capability.  It would be nice to have a series of "slides" running with the same sound continuing.   Is there any way this is possible?
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jul 10th, 2017, 8:22am
Yes this is possible.
Let's explain this for the slides (but the same trick works also for other purposes).
First, create the series of slides and test them.
Then create a brand new page.
Divide it in 2 frames.
In one of the frames, the bigger, with the Advanced Frameset Manager please put the first page of the slides series.
In the other frame (that is very small) you can assign to it the "main page/master page" of the frameset (the current page), and you should put in this frame the "audio component".
The slide feature will replace the other frame and this frame will remain in place (and so the audio will keep running).
The same trick without the "slide" feature will require you to use "special links" and to have links that will replace the single frame rather than the frameset (the point is to always keep in place the frame section that contains the audio)

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