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Topic Summary
Posted by: emjay Posted on: May 16th, 2002, 5:26am
I am interested to see some free ebooks which were created using EBook Writer.  I would apprecaite if any one can direct me to a site or link where I can see or download such eBook(s).
Posted by: Celeste Posted on: May 18th, 2002, 7:19am
I'm working on a story my grandson wrote.  He's 12 years old now.  I'm writing it with my ebook writer.  It may take me another week or so to get it done.  I have a book of poems started too and my journal.  I haven't yet put any download links to these yet.  Plan on working on that this week.  They are not complete yet either.  My url is
Posted by: emjay Posted on: May 20th, 2002, 12:25pm
Hi Celeste,
Thank you for taking time to reply to my posting in this forum.  Take your time just let me know when you are done.  Wish you all the best in your ventures.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Dec 31st, 2002, 11:08am
Just a few lines to say that we are glad if you will post here some URLs with ebooks samples or so. You are allowed to advertise your site/ebook in this topic (the ebook must be created with EBooksWriter, obviously!).
A very simple and very old example is also here:
(the ebook is very basic, nothing special, but of course it shows what you can do without any effort; this ebook can be read on any PC - the ebook viewer is embedded so no external software is needed)
Actually this basic ebook is very useful as we can now update this topic and link to the same ebook into the new formats supported by EBooksWriter (each format has several options):
With external software (or for some devices, with built-in software) you can read mobi and/or epub on Macintosh, Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile / CE, SymbianOS, iLiad, eBookMan, Kindle, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Sony Reader, Handheld PC and several cell phones...
Last but not least we would like to add a link to the ebook into the EBooksWriter's internal format (that you can read with EBooksReader
for test purpose you are free to open the AEH file and edit it within EbooksWriter (we left it open for editing).
Posted by: propropro Posted on: Jan 5th, 2003, 7:28am
hallo emjay,
you can go to this page:
where I have a FREE downloadable ebook,
created with ebookswriter Lite.[url][/url]
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Mar 16th, 2004, 5:35am
Everybody is welcome to post a link and show to the world his/her EBooksWriter ebook
Posted by: Yuri Posted on: Mar 27th, 2004, 6:40am
I started creating electronic albums of well known painters' pictures with EbookWriter. This software is extremely suitable for this working. I created also electronic catalog of pictures of more than 250 MB in size (more than 1500 pictures), nevertheless it works absolutely correctly and with no problems.
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Feb 25th, 2006, 6:41am
Regrettably some people is attempting to use the forum in order to raise their position on Google.
We are filtering out all their terms, so it is likely they won't waste their time with useless posts.
We are currently filtering out the name of over 50 pharmaceutical stuff
We are posting this message as we do notice that you, the regular EbooksWriter users, are not using the forum so much. Why? Posting a link to your site (about your ebook) HERE IN THIS TOPIC (just hit reply on the last post) will raise your position on Google and will advertise your ebook!!
Please be kind and post this kind of advertising ONLY to this topic.

Should the forum appears to not accept your post, write us at the support email info (at) and we will help. Or you can write your website as http : / / www. yoursite. com (with spaces), then we will correct it.
Posted by: Wijnstekers Posted on: Jun 27th, 2007, 10:55am
I wrote an over 500 pages eBook with your software and I am quite proud of it.
If interested, download "the Evolution of CITES' free from the following address:
Posted by: Wendy Denis Posted on: Jul 12th, 2007, 7:09am
I was wondering if the authors found it easy to compile their books?  Also, when reading a ebooks writer book, is it easy to navigate to the next page or do you have to continuouslly go back to the table of content page?  I found that with the one I tried to read.  (made with Gold).
Thanks for your help
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Jul 12th, 2007, 11:34am
It's YOU not EBooksWriter that places the link, so if you make it easy for the user to navigate, then it will be easy.
If you made it complicated (e.g. you put links to the TOC only) then it will be complicated...
EBooksWriter is an editor so you can edit everything as you like. You have no limits!
It's really fast and easy to place links so it's entirely your choice. Of course we are always here to help.
By the way, for the EPUB and MOBI format, there is a predefined page order that will be used by the Prev/Next button on the Kindle (or Nook or so) and can be set with the menu Hypertext / Predefined page order - TOC
Posted by: Stephen Davis Posted on: Jan 12th, 2009, 3:18pm
I have just finished writing an E-Book using EBooksWriter, and I am very pleased with the way this program worked. There were two minor problems where the editing mode did not reflect the actual final book mode (What I saw was not what I got), but overall it was excellent. My book is long (68,000 words) and contains many graphics and links to videos and online references, but once I got the hang of it, the conversion from a Word .doc to the E-Book went very smoothly.
I cannot offer the book for free, but the cost is only USD$5, if someone wants to see a good example of what this program can do. The book is called "Winning the Human Game: Your Money and Your Life in a Holographic Universe" and is available at
Posted by: Richard Tyler Posted on: Jul 13th, 2009, 3:20pm
I haven't experienced such good customer service before.  My apologies if I have put this on the wrong part of the forum but I feel compelled to aknowledge this.
Posted by: blute Posted on: Oct 28th, 2009, 10:27am
I didn't realise there was a forum, I bought ebookswriter a few years ago.
I am in the process of creating price guides.
You can see these at
regards Andy

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