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(Message started by: peter w on May 16th, 2017, 11:01am)

Title: Frame sets and links
Post by peter w on May 16th, 2017, 11:01am
I have a question regarding the whole process of using links to build up a project.

I fully understand the role of the page number at the foot of the screen.   But, say I
make a link to a newly created frame-set (I usually don't use single pages without side-bars, etc)
and then I want to make a link back to the original page (frame-set) I have just linked from, or, say, to another
frame-set elsewhere in the project, how exactly do I select the target frameset once I have clicked on the chain icon?  
In the selection menu which appears, there are just a series of pages icons, which are labelled variously Untitled 10,
Untitled 247, Untitled 355, Untitled 44, etc.   Sometimes there will be a word, such as "next" or some other word
which might appear in a frame-set.  But whatever, it is impossble to identify the frameset I am seeking to link to.  
This problem connects with another, which is trying to understand the logic of the information which appears
around the small page number box, such as Text"Untitled 122" 10/22 "Page 10" or "Title" 1/22 "Frame 6e6128"  

As far as I can tell, these different pieces of information vary according as to whether it deals with a sidebar from
a frame-set, the title-bar or the main page.  But I cannot discover a logic with these indentifications which enables
me to identify and link to a ready-made whole-frame set of my choosing.

I hope my description here is not too complicated. Just to reiterate - I have no problem is creating new links to new
frame-sets moving forward in the project - it is making a link back to an earlier frame-set that I am finding very

Many thanks for any help!

Title: Re: Frame sets and links
Post by Support Staff on May 16th, 2017, 11:06am
Each page can be both a frame, and a host for frame sets.

If you have created frames inside a page (you can do this by creating new frames with drag and drop; and you can reuse existing pages-frames with the Format >Advanced frameset manager feature), you can always see what is the main frame (the host) by unreleasing the frame/noframe button that is besides the page number box.

Now, to distinguish between various pages/frames, please assign them a name. The names you see right now are the automatic names (given by the software if you don't assign names).
To assign a page name/title you can use several different dialogs.
One is the Format >Page properties for the current page (the page title is on the bottom left). If the page hosts frames you assign the name of the main frame (the host).
Also in the Hypertext > Images - files - link archive and erase... you see in the first tab all pages and you can rename them with a slow double click.

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