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(Message started by: jbunny on May 2nd, 2004, 12:59pm)

Title: Email fill in forms
Post by jbunny on May 2nd, 2004, 12:59pm
I am having trouble creating a contact us email fill form.  Does anyone have a complete html code using .TXT that I could use.  I just do not seem to get the three items needed, i.e. feedback form, template and confirm.htm files.  Can anyone help??

Title: Re: Email fill in forms
Post by Support Staff on May 3rd, 2004, 8:30am
I guess you are using a form-to-mail script.

Please refer to the manual of the script you are using. Usually you can use all the EasyWebEditor visual components (you just use a couple of "hidden" form elements  - Insert >Form elements - in order to specify the destination email, the OK / redirection page, and the "something is missing" page).
Please understand that any script is different... maybe someone may post the setting for its script... if you are using the "preinstalled" script on your server, it may be a good idea to ask to your host.........

Title: Re: Email fill in forms
Post by jbunny on May 3rd, 2004, 10:41am
Dear Support Staff:  I am having so many problems with this email fill in form.  Seems to me the EWE would have a built in script for mail, customer lists etc.  I am very much of a novice at this html thing, guess I just don't know what I am doing wrong!I have aquired a script off the net using this .php, I have it working on my computer, uploaded it to the dewa host server, but it does not function on my sister's system.  Would you be kind enough to look at my web site's source code an let me know what I need to fix.  I really wish to have my site up and functional someting in this decade.  Sorry for the sarcasm. You have a great product, am sure it is just me!! My web site is  The page I am have problems with are the "Contact Us", my site's page 4 .  I wish to be able to add a cudtomer list and on my "Refund Policy" page I wish to have some why to get customer feedback.  Any of these things you could help me with would be grand.Thanks so much for your assistance.  Dewa support staff said that I need three files uploaded in ASCII for this to fucntion.  1. the feedback form, my site page 12 I think, 2. the template.txt page 17 and 3. the confirm.htm files, page 18.  I made all of these and uploaded them but they do not work either.  So I am at a loss here!
Best regards
Joseph Martin

Title: Re: Email fill in forms
Post by Support Staff on May 6th, 2004, 3:01pm
There are two ways to have a contact form:

1) using a server side script - please ask your server for support. We can not do their job. If possible we will try to have the default data for the default script from DewaHost and to post a sample AEH file. You may also see another post in this forum.....................

2) using the EWE internal features; you don't need any script. Just use "Insert >Form elements" and do specify your own email within the "form start marker" (the program will force you to add the form start marker; then you should add some text box, checkbox, etc; and a Submit button "Insert >Form elements >Button" )


Title: Re: Email fill in forms
Post by maddywaddy on Jun 23rd, 2004, 9:57pm
Hey JBunny... I sent you an email with my thoughts as they went on and on... Basically, if anyone else needs a bit of enlightenment, I found some code that I thought was very easy to setup...

Give it a try.



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