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   Frame layout Question
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Frame layout Question
« on: Sep 18th, 2003, 12:22pm »
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Hello,     I received my HyperPublish Pro & EbooksWriter about a week ago and have been very happy with them. I just have a few
questions about the HyperPublish Frame layouts. Every time I use a
frame for a particular page it starts out fine and I save my work,
but when I try to edit the page I set in a frame setting, it
doesn't show up that way. It shows up as one part. Do you know
what I mean? It's like: I make a frame page with two sides. On the left side is my Table of Contents and on the right side is some
nfo. on that page. After I work on it for a while, I save my
work. But then when I go to edit the page, only one part of the
page shows up. Why does this happen? Am I doing it wrong? I used
the load frameset layout button, then I use the load from template
button, then I click on the two vertical 102.frm Is this the right
thing to do?
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Re: Frame layout Question
« Reply #1 on: Sep 23rd, 2003, 7:27am »
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Please be aware that each page that is inserted in a frame set do exist also as a single page, e.g. if you start a new work, you create a frameset on the page 0, you type some text into the frames, then you try browsing the AEH file with CTRL+ and CTRL- (CTRL key pressed, then hit the "+" or the "-" key), you will see that the
program automatically created additional pages that do contain the content of the frames.
This is because only ONE of the frames contained in page #0 is the page #0 itself: it is called the master frame and you can see it by pressing the frame/noframe toolbar button (bottom center toolbar). Only the "master frame" is shown in all the dialogs that do contain a preview (such as the "Insert >Link" window) so it is important to realize what is the master frame).
This is a quick explain.
There is a full chapter about frames within the PDF manual, I'd suggest reading it too.
Once understood, the using frames is a simple and fast task .
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