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Topic Summary
Posted by: Victor Posted on: Sep 21st, 2010, 7:05am
Can the customer update my CD from my website to their computer?
What I have to do and they have to do to download the new updates? Is this possible?
Posted by: Support Staff Posted on: Sep 21st, 2010, 7:16am
It is possible.
To do so, first of all you must place the updated AEH file of your work (CD, business catalog, product catalog, whatever) on your web site.
You may place it on a specific subfolder of the web site.
-let's say your work file is called victor.aeh
-let's say you place this file on your web site at h ttp://
so it is accessible with
h ttp://
(you need a FTP software to do this transfer; or you may use the "generic FTP" feature)
Then, to make it easy for your end user to upgrade their thing automatically, you use the menu
Hypertext >Current hypertext options
and the tab called  
Reader/Show options
Here you can set up a path to the upgraded aeh file. For the example above, you write
h ttp://
[notice that in this HP dialog there is also a button for the Browser test, so you can test the validity of this link by using a browser: just a test to make sure that you actually placed the right file in the right place on your web site].
You do this, then you can create the CD with the proper menu.
The resulting CD will have an added menu (under File), the end user will click this menu, and HP (the reader) will automatically download the upgrade; after the download, the new thing is immediately shown. Notice that this is done automatically by the HP reader (the private browser that shows your CD/DVD), the end user won't have to use the browser (e.g. Firefox, IE) and can't do mistakes in what or where to download, as he will just click the "update" menu, and after some time he will see the update.
If the CD is very large, the download can take a lot of time. So make sure to optimize the file: one way is to use Hypertext > Images - files - link archive and erase and to check if there are unused images or unused files stored into the internal album (if so, better to delete them, and the file size will be lower)

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